According to myth, Odin self-sacrificed himself for wisdom. He stabbed himself in the side with his spear, Gungnir, and hung from Yggdrasil for 9 days. During this time, he gained wisdom of many things including the Runes and their Runic Wisdom. While there is much debate about what the runes mean, my research is below. However, I encourage you to find your own meaning in the runes.

If my meaning contradicts, what you believe the runes are telling you please trust your instinct. There are many sources of information on Runes; my way is not the only one. +Runes do not replace the guidance of professionals. If you are in danger, take appropriate steps to get yourself out of danger and please call the appropriate authorities. These cards are meant to guide you; the answer is in you after all.

Please enjoy this information on your path of discovery!

The runes are broken in three groups of eight each called an Aett but all of them make up the Aettir (plural). They are Freya's Aett, Hagal's Aett and Tyr's Aett. Each grouping brings their own nature and energy to the reading. )


Freya's Aett are the first group of eight runes and they are associated with the root of creation. They represent nurtur­ing. They include Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, raidho, Kenaz, Gebo & Wunjo.

ᚠ Name: Fehu, “cattle.” Phoneme: F.

Meaning: Cattle & Wealth because to the Ancient Norse people cattle meant wealth, abundance and fertility. Fehu is actually the Rune of luck and the ancients believed that the universe wasn't made up of chance but of luck. That luck was a hidden but real energy field that was in your hands. Use this rune to evoke some luck into your life and doings. This is also the rune of the circulation of power, wealth and the mobility of all things. These are all associated with new beginnings but remember with new beginnings have to come from somewhere and that is usually a new end to what was previous. Think of this Rune as the fresh start rune, if you draw this rune in a reading it could come to mean that there is fulfillment coming and it is just out of your grasp but that can be overcome by diligence. If you are experiencing grief drawing this rune can bring comfort. Flipped however, it means the reverse: greed, failure, poverty and endings. I wear Fehu on my rune protection bangle, luck is good to have and I infuse it into what I am wearing because you just never know when a little bit of luck is good to have. You can use this rune in your practice when you need a little luck, wealth, prosperity or new beginning or new start to something. Reversed it can be used to end things. (not people but situations, actions--you get the idea) ᚢ Name: Uruz, “aurochs.” Phoneme: U (long and/or short). Meaning: strength of will.

 ᚦ Name: Thurisaz, “Giant.” Phoneme: Th (both soft and hard).

Thurisaz represents Thorn the frost giant. It is reactive force, defence, conflict, strong ones and giants. While this rune does represent the thorne--something sharp, grim and evil; it also represents Thor and his hammer, the protector of Asgard. The energy of this Rune are the forceful enemy of unconsciousness, ignorance and the rule of brute violence. Thurisaz represents the warrior that combines consciousness and wisdom with matters requiring force. Thor is the champion god of courageous and free human beings and the ultimate physical fighting force.⁠
⁠This is also a fertility rune, but fertility in the sense that it breaks down the barren, hard rocky land and makes it fertile and fruitful. Does this apply to crops and wombs? Perhaps. This rune is best worked in a state of enthusiasm instead of anger or fear. Working this rune with a positive intent will establish the right awareness and diminish the potential negative effects when dealing with the power behind this rune. ⁠
⁠This rune also represents the use of technology, in our ancestors case this was tools but in the modern sense maybe it's new and emerging technology? Maybe it will help those tech-nulls (those who kill technology by touch) to be able to work more easily with the digital stuff that is in our everyday life. Who knows, our ancestors never had cell phones.⁠

 ᚨ Name: Ansuz, “an Aesir god.” Phoneme: A (long and/or short).

Ansuz is a complex rune. It very much represents our time in history. This rune is commonly interpreted as ‘god’ or Odin. It refers to ones personal ancestry that dates back to the old gods, the old world and our divine inheritance. It is also linked to the mouth, communication and speech; and persuasion and inspiration. Wear this rune to help aid in communication or to connect with your past. Who knows what will be seen.

 ᚱ Name: Raidho, “journey on horseback.” Phoneme: R.

Raidho literally means ride-ho or ride or wagon. This is the journey rune! The journey of life's adventure, taking charge, the path of life. This rune represents the concept of actions speak louder than words or put your ony where your mouth is. Ansuz is the story rune while Raidho is the life or essence of that story, it is the story itself. ⁠

This rune can be used to tap into your inner compass for guidance and direction. Is it you or is it your ancestors and their legacy pulling you? That I will let you decide. Mediate with this rune to assess your potential and gain the wisdom of limits and physical law or Orlog. ⁠
This rune is a protection rune for travel and it covers all forms of travel or any form of a journey whether they are physically from one place to another; spiritually, as you go on your life journey or metaphysically as you travel other planes of existence. This rune helps one stay in the present and helps to overcome fears and past experiences that will weigh one down. The energy of this rune is always active as we travel through our life. This rune is linked to kingship, leadership and nobility so it can be used if you are looking at moving up in the workplace or taking on various aspects of the role of leadership. This rune covers leadership that is earned, not inherited. The energy in this rune is also tied to moral responsibility and integrity. Use it to expose hidden dangers along your life path and new circumstances that can appear out of the blue. 

 ᚲ Name: Kaenaz, “ulcer.” Phoneme: K.

Kenaz is the rune of of knowledge and intellect, illumination, searching for enlightenment, shedding light on matters, quest for truth, skills and abilities, creativity, art, craftsmanship, cunning, acquisition and application of knowledge, occult female secrets, intuition, enthusiasm in teaching/learning, study, kin-fire, opportunity, playfulness. Use this rune to channel your creativity, in studies or for the pursuit of knowledge. But remember what you seek may not be what you intent to find for there are many versions of truth out there but only one is right.

 ᚷ Name: Gebo, “gift.” Phoneme: G.

Gebo is the rune of ⁠gifts and giving, sacrifice, exchange and balance. This rune is surrounded by the most lore. Think of X-mas, where does that X come from eh? Gebo and the symbol it represents. If you really stop and think there are many ancient pagan symbols in Christmas but that is a whole other set of posts. Gebo governs the exchange of gifts, either physical or a meaningful act (think trade for services here). Anciently it is associated with the magical rings that gave kings the ability to share their powers with their followers, as was expected at the time. It represents the exchange of powers and energy in equal amounts. This rune is all about equality or balance. A statement from the Havamal says "A man should be loyal through life to friends, and return gift for gift; Laugh when they laugh, but with lies repay a false foe who lies." so basically what goes around comes around or what we believe to be modern Karma. There are many proverbs about this idea, you reap what you sow. etc. But there is a price to pay for everything but don't let that freak you out, it's mostly about intention with this rune.

 ᚹ Name: Wunjo, “joy.” Phoneme: W.

Wunjo is the rune that helps you find your soul’s true will to achieve perfection of consciousness and the force to achieve this in this life-time. It helps to protect against woe and sorrow so that the abundant gifts of the multiverse have no trouble bestowing themselves upon you. Wunjo is the rune of harmonious energies in families, groups, societies, nations and ultimately, the world. This is the community rune, the family rune and essentially the tribe rune, dare I even say coven? That's family right? ⁠

It is here we find the force of Love curing the warrior who has hate in his or her heart. Because the Northern tradition was abruptly cut short in its evolution of conceptualizing Love as a cosmic force, we have to search for ideas in the Elder tradition that would indicate its latent potential. We find this idea especially in the rune meaning of Wunjo, for Wunjo carries all the elements of Love between and among human beings. Wunjo is the glue that holds us all together. It is the alignment of individual will with the will of the community and ultimately with the divine will. ⁠

Wunjo can reduce alienation by broadcasting love into the chaotic energy . The invocation of Wunjo is focused by the magical will of the operator for specific results.⁠

The art of correct ‘wishing’ is perfected by seeking your unique purpose in life and aligning your thought and action with it. It is the motivation to act upon your true will which opens the path to completing your personal purpose in this lifetime. Step by step, life by life, we fulfill our cosmic destiny. This is the essence of the Law of Attraction, and a core magic of the Northern tradition.⁠


Hagal's Aett are the second group of eight runes and they are associated with the root of destruction. They include Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa: Jera, Eihwaz, Pertho, Algiz & Sowilo.

 ᚺ Name:Hagalaz, “hail.” Phoneme: H

Hagalaz is the rune of crisis or radical change. It is translated to mean hail or hailstone. What is more damaging that golf-ball sized hail on the hood of your car? That;s the power behind this rune. Now it's not all bad, it is the rune of uncontrollable things, destructive nature and the like but remember storms do pass and anything that is brought by this rune will also pass. This rune could also mean surprises and not all surprises are bad right? The ancients believed in the inevitability of fate--not that everything is predetermined but that certain things must be atoned for. Hagalaz signals a shift of energy as it starts the second row aetts but it also represents a confrontation of past patterns, so what is lurking in your past that you must leave there and overcome? This rune signals that kind of change, the transformative kind. Hail melts so will this stinging of the change you are about to overcome. The ancients believed hail to be more of a seed than ice so that something is being planted to grow into something else. It is the seed of the other runic energies and spiritual awakening sometimes comes from times of deep crisis.

 ᚾ Name: Nauthiz, “need.” Phoneme: N.

Nauthiz, the second rune in my makers mark bind rune. This rune literally translates into "need-fire" or "necessity". It looks a lot like two sticks rubbing together to make that fire eh? Ever cross your fingers for luck? Yeah that's this rune. It's been embedded in human history. This is the rune of doing what must be done, hard work, resistance that leads to strength, self resilience, personal development and achievement. This is the rune of survival. Think of it this way, without resistance nothing would change, evolve or become better. yes, there is a lot of hard work between the two points but nothing is worth having unless you work for it, nothing is learned, nothing is gained. Through repetition comes mastery and nothing teaches better than experience. The mysteries of necessity are at the core of Nauthiz. It is central to manipulating Wyrd so that desired outcomes can be attained through negotiating with the energies of the Norns. Invoking need is more powerful than wishing, but what we need and what we desire are not always the same. In this sense, Nauthiz can protect us from ourselves, but its lessons are often harsh. The force of the past exerts its effect on us in the present. Previous action catches up with us and attempts to restrain and restrict future action, which is the counter-movement of the cyclical processions of JERA. However, armed with humility we can learn our lessons from not only our own errors, but the mistakes and successes of others. This is also the common sense rune. Common sense is not all that common right? It is learned through hard work and experience. See the theme right? Sometimes referred to ass a war rune, Nauthiz empowers the invoker to have the courage and wisdom to recognize what must be done in an otherwise complex situation. Necessity is the mother of invention. No pain, no gain.⁠

 ᛁ Name: Isaz, “ice.” Phoneme: I (long and/or short).

Meaning: unknown (the rune poems are ambiguous and contradictory). Isa--the ice rune and representative of challenge and stillness. I know the last one is also ice-like but this is the rune of stillness and the self-ego. It also means self-control, unity of being, will and focus. Isa is peaceful like ice but there is also a majestic stillness about it too, it has beauty just like ice but there is also some strength to it as well. Slow and steady the glaciers eroded the landscape and now we have canyons, valleys and rivers. That is what Isa is all about. Think of icebergs and how only the smaller part of it is visible with the rest hidden in the deep of the ocean. Isa is stronger than fire because it absorbs fires energy and solidifies it. Isa is the rune of control, of inner strength through spiritual training. It is very self focused. But just as icebergs have hidden dangers so does Isa--it is the dark side of your ego in the form of ego trips, superficial desire and falling for the trap of all that glitters is not always gold. This rune will quiet emotional distress but be wary because it will not climate the root cause of your troubles it will only still your aura and help to achieve stillness of presence. Use it to meditate but remember you are in charge of your well being.

 ᛃ Name: Jera, “year.” Phoneme: Germanic J, modern English Y.

Jera the Rune of year, notice how is sounds a lot like year? Coincidence, I think not. There are many pagan things woven into everyday life that we do not even notice. Jera is the rune of patience, hard work and prosperity. The first two are key ingredients in the recipe for the last. This rune also represents the harvest. See a theme? me too. It also represents cycles, orbits, the correct effort. This is the rune of plenty and really the rune of Thanksgiving. Invoke the power of time with this rune, use it in rituals of patience or at a time when you need to give (or recieve) thanks for something. Can be good used in prosperity and abundance spells. This rune is used when the right timing of an event or occurrence needs to happen. It can be used when you need to speed things up or slow things down, just be clear with your intention first!⁠

 ᛇ Name: Eihwaz or Ihwaz, “yew.” Phoneme: I pronounced like “Eye.”

Eiwaz or Eihwaz or Ihwaz begins the second half of the futhark. It represents vertical like the human spine. This rune also represents tree or more specifically the Yew tree. As a coniferous tree this rune also represents the evergreen nature and is associated with immortality, the mysteries of life, liberations from the fear of death and communication between the realms in the the form of the world tree- Yggdrasil. “The axis or process of spiritual becoming.” Upper and lower worlds meeting in Midgard.It is in this aspect that Ihwaz represents a movement towards enlightenment and the axis of heaven-earth-hel. It is also associated with the Root hvel or root chakra. We also see associations with longevity or immortality perhaps on the path to enlightenment? ⁠

This is also the rune of initiation and we can see symbolism here with the rune association of the mysteries of life and death because the Northern Ancestors understood death as the Great Initiation into the mysteries of life. We can see this also in near-death experiences.⁠

It is with these associations that it can also be used to invoke communications with the underworld or the dead. However, it is wise to keep to your own ancestors as they have reason to respond to your call--a good rune for Samhain⁠

Ihwaz and its associations with the mysteries of death can be used to help one recall their past lives. Invoke Eihwaz as you conduct a meditation or dream exercise for the purpose of discovering past life patterns in the present. The answers lay not in memory, but in the clues of your here and now.⁠

 ᛈ Name: Perthro or Peorth. Phoneme: P.

The dice cup, represents the letter P, but there is a but and that but is: remember that the true meaning of perthro is unknown. It is lost to time. This one is not recognized academically as a word but there is a general consensus that this one represents the 'lot cup'. The 'unknownness' of this rune kind of blends with the idea of a 'lot cup' or the idea of drawing straws. Historically a lot cup was a box were warriors would cast lots or seek knowledge of their fate before battle. That is why this rune represents occult abilities and Orlog- the universal law of cause and effect. Wyrd is the process in which one works through the cause and effect on a personal level. Wyrd is not a fixed law like Orlog, but more of a web where you can move around but every little action on that web causes ripples or tremors somewhere else. Be careful walking on that web! ⁠

This rune also represents the element of chance and that is where the majority of our unmanifested future lays. That is why this is also the rune of divination and chance, gambling, mysteries and the unknown. Combine this rune with the rune for luck and you have a very powerful combination for tempting fate and games of chance (user beware though because the runes are all about balance and order!)⁠

Perthro deals with the mysteries of the rune and the birth of the universe. This is indeed the most mysterious of all runes. See how it ties back to the first few sentences of this write up?Use with Nauthiz to work with Orlog and use the flowing forces of wyrd to channel the mystery and magic of 'the wyrding way'. Perthro is also the rune to help with the recollection of memories and tapping into the unconsciousness. Use it in deep meditation to channel past life knowledge. ⁠


ᛉ Name: Algiz. Phoneme: Z.

Algiz, also called Elhaz in a powerful rune, it represents the divine might of the universe and higher spiritual awareness. It presents the white elk, which to the Norse was a divine blessing and protector to all those who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it. ⁠

Algiz is the protective teaching force that promotes independence and autonomy. It is after all the rune of the Valkyrie and divine might of the universe. ⁠ The energy in this rune is of higher vibrations and higher spiritual awareness. You will see this in its connection to the valkyrie. It represents the worlds of Asgard (gods of the Aesir), Ljusalfheim (The Light Elves) and Vanaheim (gods of the Vanir), and how their energies connect with out world, Midgard.⁠

Courage in the face of fear is another key energy with this rune, now it is not the absence of fear but rather the will to work though that fear and still face the challenge ahead. This rune supplies the insight to make the judgement in the face of fear , to warn us the protection and defense or fight and standing your ground. ⁠

Algiz also represents the spiritual force to allow one to invoke the energy to become sacred or protected by divine power. See the association between angle and valkyrie here? The image of a valkyrie and angel have sometimes been interwoven in past cultures and history in humankind. ⁠

Use this rune in mediation to invoke the teacher, swan and warrior form of the Valkyrie--the base energy of Algiz. The Valkyrie will not assist in evading wrong deed, illegal actions or immoral acts but it will assist to soften the blow if one accepts accountability and is making progress towards writing their actions. Remember how we are a product of all of our acnetorial deeds and actions? ⁠

Rune cards will be available soon. Check out the link.tree in the bio to learn more. ⁠

 ᛊ Name: Sowilo, “sun.” Phoneme: S.

Sowilo is the rune of the sun, and this time of year we really need that sun here in the northern hemisphere. This rune is counter to Isa the ice rune. It represents the force of fire in the physical or mental world. it is the rune of invigoration, dedication, optimism and persistence. It can be used to as a protective rune to aid warding off the harmful intent. The ancients mystics were aware that the power of the sun and stars were responsible for the evolution of life force. This rune will help to expose matters to the 'light' and bring forth a burst of massive and sometimes overwhelming action, much like a lightning strike. Sowilo is also ited to the Hvel which are the spinning energy wheels within the body, similar to chakras and they appear as mimi suns to the psychic eye. The greater the capacity of hvel, the greater the flow or megin energy which in turn leads to greater health and an increase in psychic energies. This rune also emcompasses the anceit code of honoour. It is the morality that holds society together through the bonds of law. It guides one to do the right thing. It also governs success and victory and is tied closely with Tiwaz. Use this rune to harness the power of success and victory. ⁠


Tyr's Aett are the last group of eight runes and are associated with the transition into creation. They represent life, death, and re-creation. They include, Tiwaz, Berkano, Ehwaz,- Mannaz, Laguz, Ingwaz, Dagaz & Othala.

 ᛏ Name: Tiwaz, “the god Tiwaz.” Phoneme: T.

Tiwaz is the rune named after the god Tyr who is the northern god of law and justice. This is also a good protection rune for those working in those fields as well. It also represents the North Star which to the ancients was what all the other stars rotated around. The North Star was also a primary aid in navigation and this rune looks a lot like an arrow eh? Seeing the symbolism now? Tiwas symbolizes the positive order of the cosmos and humankind through law and justice and our moral compass. Chaos comes to order with this rune! Tyr was the god that sacrificed his hand to the wolf Fenris so the others could chain the wolf that would eat the world. Tiwaz is the embodiment of that concept in that one must make self sacrifices for the greater good of the whole. Tiwaz will bring about a balance of the scales to ensure a fair hearing and fair decision. Do not be thrown off balance by the chaos of your environment. Remain true and calm, like the North Star and assert your case with confidence. Let the energies of your orlog assisted by the force of Tiwaz bring about a right solution. Tiwaz can be used to bring fair distribution of the earned energies from your ancestral stream. Remember that one many rune posts back? Use Tiwaz when meditating for justice, security and inner strength.

 ᛒ Name: Berkanan, “birch.” Phoneme: B.

Berkano is the Rune of continued growth and continual rebirth or renewal in all things. This is the personal growth rune. Did someone say life long learning? Then this is the rune for you. This is the rune of becoming. Berkano has the energy of a birch grove, and is the hidden sanctuary in times of need. The birch is the first tree to awaken in the spring time, and so Berkano is about the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Healing of all sorts is strongest through this rune, particularly recuperation, rejuvenation, purification, detoxification and regeneration.

 ᛖ Name: Ehwaz, “horse.” Phoneme: E (long and/or short).

Ehwaz literally means horse. It is the rune of harmonious teamwork and trust. The rune of pairs and working together for a common goal. IMHO there is no better rune if you have a teamwork goal to attain. It could also be used in relationships. Horses are good at teamwork right? We've all see those fancy carriages being pulled by elegant horses and humans and horses have been paired up for millennia. This rune also symbolizes all the various bodies as vehicles for travel and movement. it also represents the Inner and the Outer, or our mind and body. When we need to sync the two up maybe this rune can help. This is also not a rune of force but a persuasion, suggestion and cooperation. It is helpful for flexibility, adaptability and pragmatism. So get out there, go forth and use teamwork. We are not alone right? If you are you don't have to be.⁠

 ᛗ Name: Mannaz, “man.” Phoneme: M.

Mannaz, one of the the runes in my makers mark. This is the rune of Mankind, human intelligence and the soul. It also represent Hugin & Munin (mind & memory) some of my favourite animals of Norse Myth. In Norse myth there is a belief that any individual can become a Christus (or higher self) and that the soul is not restricted from achieving and enlightened path and one can do this without ever believing in a god or a faith. hristus is merely a Greek word which serves as a title given to any human being who evidences a state of unity with the Universal Mind, or God/Goddess. One could as easily use the word Buddha, as in Buddhism, or Illumined, as in Hermetic Philosophy. They also believed that it may take time (or many lifetimes) to achieve this state of being. The archetype is also imbued in the idea that there is a genetic link between mankind and the gods, there is an equality with the gods that can be attained by humans through occultism and enlightenment. Invoke Mannaz to tap into the collective unconsciousness of the earth and humanity to understand the deepest mysteries in life and the storehouse of new knowledge waiting to be discovered. This is also the rune of Mimir's well, to seek insights and wisdom to continue our evolution towards the perfect human. Use this rune for studies, tests, intellectual pursuits and anything else that is rooted in the individual human mind. ⁠

ᛚ  Name: Laguz. Phoneme: L.

This is the water rune, it represents all bodies of water. It also represents the memory, psychic powers, love, and dreaming. All things that share commonalities with water and its vast deepness and mysteries. This is also the rune of the vitality of life--the sea was life to the people at the time and this was that rune. It also represents power, see the trend right? The ocean was the one thing that connected all life, so it is the supreme unity of all life: past, present and future. Everything is made of water, water is needed for survival, the power in this rune is very strong and used just like a scrying mirror would be used to 'see what is unseen'. Use it to tap into your 'pool' of unconscious mind--another stone that is great for mediation. ⁠

 ᛜ or ᛝ Name: Ingwaz, “the god Ingwaz.” Phoneme: Ng.

ngwaz or Inguz is the rune of male fertility, gestation, internal growth, isolation in order to transform and a higher state of being. Basically all about growth and change similar to that of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Can be shown as ᛝ or ᛜ. You see ᛝ as the anglo saxon form and ᛜ as the elder futhark form. ⁠

This is also the Rune of self-sacrifice for the greater good or good of the whole. It could be the rune of the parent really, the way that they give so that their children may have and here we have similar themes to that of Odin, the all father. Odia also sacrifices himself in shamanic initiation to discover the knowledge and wisdom of the runes. See the theme emerging here?⁠

Ingwaz represents the ancient god Ing and in the english language we often add the suffix -ing to a verb to represent action as in doing, seeing, acting etc... ⁠

The potential energy in Ingwaz is that of a seed being planted by the conscious mind into the subconscious to grow to become a catalyst for change, the old form being self-sacrifice for the new. That is why this is the rune for letting go of the past or the death of the old to make way for the new or future self so a new manifestation can be created. Inguz signals the integration of the four selves: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is the drive toward completion and totality and acts as the catalyst for movement toward wholeness⁠

 ᛞ Name: Dagaz, “day.” Phoneme: D.

Dagaz literally means day or illumination. This is the bold changes awakening rune. It refers to time on a daily schedule whereas Jera is an annual schedule. (Sounds a lot like year eh?) This rune means bold change or spiritual awakening and has been the submit of light according to archeologists for a 1,000 years. gives you great potency for present awareness and future growth. It is reminiscent of the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity, and the moebius strip, timelessness and illimitable potential, as well as an overturned hourglass. It can be used to find absolute stillness so it can be a helpful rune for mediation. An interesting thing about the futhark is there is no rune for the night or for the moon. These are absences, not things. Darkness is not darkness, it is a quality of the light. The sun is always ‘there’, it is our world that spins around and causes the illusion that it is not. “Darkness is not darkness” is a wonderful saying to meditate upon, and will reveal to the seeker that there is no true opposites as we are often convinced of, but only polarities within the supreme mystery of existence.

 ᛟ Name: Othala, “inheritance.” Phoneme: O (long and/or short).

Othala literally means homeland or ancestral lot. This is the rune of home. I am a cancer and associate mostly with my shell and this is the one rune that calls to me the most. It is the Rune of ancestral spiritual power, divine inheritance and earthly estate. Othala deals with matters of family, estate, inheritance and ancestry. Othala represents the permanent wealth of immobile property accumulated by yourself and your ancestors over generations, which is clearly the continuation of a long line back to the beginning with the gods. It is the rune of . Identifying your natural talents and exploring the ancestral stream that would have contributed to you and your inherited natural talents. There is a spirit or breath that has been passed on to you from many sources as your genetic makeup. This includes the weight of virtuous deeds of past generations tends to accumulate within a family tree over the generations, like being stored in an etheric energy ‘battery’. Part of your inheritance, yours for the taking, is to claim some of that energy for use in this lifetime. You must find what provisions you must agree to for its payback into the ancestral stream as you become one of the ‘ancestors’ yourself. Such a contribution will likely be in the form of a virtuous deed on your part during this lifetime. On the flip side you may find that there is a lack of energy due to 'non-virtuous' deeds of certain ancestors which can be a major drain on the family tree energy but do not fear you can call on you honorable ancestors, who can help you set things right.⁠